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China’s hottest water heater maker in 2018

Midea electric and gas water heater go together in the booming market.
With the consumption transformation and upgrading, the home appliance market entered the period of rapid development. According to the date of AVC, the high-end market ratio of the 2018 electric and gas water heater was 38.95% and 40.34% respectively, with a year-on-year growth of 2.27% and 3.73%. The data shows that in 2018, the retail share of China electric water heater offline market concentrates in several brands, while the TOP3 are A.O Smith, Haier and Midea, with a total share exceeding 70%.
Among the top five models of 2018 electric water heater online retail sales, Midea was the top one while the market share was 33.48%. Also, among the TOP20 electric water heaters and TOP20 gas water heaters of China's online retail sales, Midea has respectively occupied nine and eight of them. According to the sales contribution, Midea has received high recognition in the market.
Upgrading the products and services, Midea will push the industry.
As the first Chinese home appliance company in Fortune 500, Midea has spent a long time in the layout and R&D of water heater products, and became the industry leader. It is well aware that the bathing appeal for users has changed. For this reason, the exploitation of water heater products should focus on improving user experience, promoting product innovation and service upgrade based on the regional environment, consumer demand, etc.
In order to solve the temperature problem of gas water heater, in 2014 Midea took the lead to launch the “Zero Cold Water” technology, which could help the water heater to heat up to the set temperature quickly by the real-time temperature sensing ability of the sensor, completely solving the worries in bathing.
Of course, excellent products are inseparable from great service. It is difficult for consumers to install and maintain a water heater. However, only the companies with excellent technology and resources can offer high-quality after-sales service. In this respect, relying on the scattered service resources, and the professional technical support in pre-sale installation and debugging, and after-sales maintenance, Midea is able to offer good services to its consumers.
Actually, according to list of 2018 China's hottest water heater released by AVC, it has verified that quality is the most powerful driver for brand development. In 2019, Midea heater will continue to improve the quality of products and services, lead the development of the industry, establish a benchmark of quality, and promote the industry to develop constantly.