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2017 Developing Report of Air Source Heat Pump in China

In 2017, the market of air source heat pump in China was still divided into three parts, including heat pump with hot water, heat pump heating and heat pump drying market. Due to the large number of brands in this industry, there are big difference between the scale and sales status. Therefore, when selecting various products, people still follow the standard of manufacturer's sales share and the overall market. This report shows the industry development as comprehensively as possible based on the actual situation.

Market Share of Air Source Heat Pump in 2016 and 2017

2016 Air Source Heat Pump Market Development Report in China showed that the whole domestic industry has been formed--the hot water market maintained the natural growth, heating market leaded the development of whole industry, and drying market opened a new field. According to statistics, the growth rate of domestic air source heat pump industry reached 61% in 2017. Among them, heat pump with hot water occupied 41%, heat pump heating accounted for 56% and heat pump drying took up 3%. From the prospect of growth rate, the heat pump with hot water was -2.5%, heat pump heating was up to 209.8% and the heat pump drying was 46.3%.

In fact, the overall decline was reasonable. However, as far as the the actual market situation was concerned, the decline of domestic hot water market directly leaded to the decline of the whole hot water industry, while the commercial hot water market still maintained a relatively stable development.
In 2017, the domestic hot water market did not acquire so much help from the policies, while the gas market was growing rapidly. The development of commercial hot water market has been relatively mature. In the meanwhile, under the pressure of environmental protection, the commercial heat pump machine has become the first choice. Moreover, the commercial hot water market was popular in every region of China.
It can be seen from the market share that the heat pump heating market has become the mainstream of the heat pump industry, surpassing hot water section. But the reason of the huge growth in 2016 was due to the small volume of heat pump heating market. Therefore, the growth in 2017 made people see the great prospect of heat pump heating.
As an emerging market, the heat pump drying market is growing rapidly. But for the size of current market and its own characteristics, it has not formed a certain scale in the industry. Nevertheless, it provides a direction for the diversified development of many professional enterprises. In the future, heat pump drying needs to be improved in terms of product technology, market development and relevant standards.