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Air source Water Heater: the Mainstream of Water Heaters in the Future
As an emerging industry, air source water heater has a small market share compared with tens of billions of traditional water heater market volume. Does it mean that air source water heater industry halt? That’s not the case. During China’s 12th Five-year Plan, government policies like the project of saving energy and benefiting people have been launched successively. In 2013, air source water heater was embraced in the scope of energy-saving subsides, ranking the biggest subsides among single products. Generally, China’s policies of supporting air source industry have been optimized a lot. However, we are not supposed to be complacent because we still fall behind developed countries concerning their supportive policies.
So far with the using rate of near 70%, air source water heater market has been quite mature in developed countries, where air source water heater has won users’ consistent high praise. The United States and Europe have generous policy subsidies to support the air source industry because of its significantly energy -saving effect. According to American energy conservation laws, residents’ 30% of the cost of purchasing air source water heater and other relative equipment can offset the income tax. In France, citizens can enjoy up to 50% of the tax relief (including personal tax, shopping catering consumption tax, etc) by using renewable energy and specific type heat pump equipment. In Japan, the government provides that customers buying air source water heater can enjoy financial subsides up to RMB 3,000. It’ s apparent that developed countries have devoted more efforts to supporting air source industry.
Air source water heater belongs to high-end technology products labeled with comfort, safety, high efficiency, energy saving & environmental protection, which represents high quality of life. With the rapid increase of people’s living conditions, it’s inevitable that air source water heater will become the mainstream of water heater products. From the perspective of the past few years’ situation, China’s air source industry has ushered in the best opportunity for development. To begin with, lots of related policies have been launched and implemented by the government. Furthermore, a number of industry standards like grade standards of heat pump water heater energy efficiency have been carried out to regulate air source market order. Lastly, there emerge heat pump enterprises with national mission and social responsibility to actively promote the rapid development of the air source industry and make contributions to national energy saving and environmental protection career.
Heat pump experts point out that in recent years, China's smog and other deteriorating environmental problems give rise to the promotion of air source water heater. At present, Chinese government’s intention in the air industry indicates that China gradually gets close to developed countries in the development of new energy industry and integrates with the world. Through the joint efforts of China’s government and heat pump enterprises, China’s air source industry will definitely become prosperous and lead a new trend. There is no doubt that the next 10 years will be the golden age of the development of air source water heater!
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