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An Ambitious Blueprint for China’s Solar Water Heater
By AWHE 2016 Organizing Committee
Bright prospects for China’s solar water heater market
A significant document about China’s renewable energy issued by China’s government points out that by 2020 the application of solar hot water system in China will be the mainstream, and bout 60% of buildings are installed with solar hot water system. With the technical maturity and increasing popularization rate, during “the 13th Five-Year Plan”, the potential of China's solar thermal utilization industry in the heating and refrigeration application market is very huge. 
It’s expected that in 2016 and 2020 the annual output of solar water heaters in China will amount to 135 million m2 and 273 million m2 respectively, with the annual turnover of 180 billion RMB and 380 billion RMB respectively. During the "12th  Five-Year Plan", China’s solar photovoltaic industry ushered in photovoltaic and thermal power generation under the support of China’s industrial policies. Solar energy combined with heat pump, gas, electricity, biomass energy and other energy is promoted widely. Multi energy utilization is the direction of the development of solar hot water engineering industry. A variety of energy can be complementary to meet consumer demand for 24 hours without restriction of the sun.
Flat plat solar water heater to lead the future development trend
It’s well-acknowledged that as a renewable energy, solar energy can conform to China’s energy policies and environmental policies. According to professionals, at present flat solar water heaters in foreign market share amount to 90%, while in China the market share only takes up 10%. The remaining 90% are vacuum tube solar energy, which indicates the huge market development space in China. Due to the characteristics of solar vacuum tube, its defects have increasingly emerged, such as deep fried tubes, cracking, and the pipe junction fouling and deposition of sediment and seal ring leakage, which has a direct impact on users’ experience.
Flat plate solar water heater international standards are specified in the quality, technology and performance testing. Although the technical content of the flat plate solar energy is higher, there are still a lot of China’s solar energy companies can be competent for a variety of tablet solar energy needs of the project.
Solar water heater to enter third-and fourth-tier cities
Nowadays, the accelerating economic development of third-and fourth-tier cities enhance customers’ consumption and market potential. Solar water heater enterprises have entered small cities and strive to enlarge its sales market. Compared with crowded first-and second-tier cities, the market of third-and fourth-tier cities has large growth space and deserves further exploitation. At the same time, with the increasing consumption of third-and fourth-tier cities, solar water heater companies exactly take the advantage of this opportunity to penetrate the market of third-and fourth-tier cities. More and more solar water heater enterprises begin to shift their focus on third-and fourth-tier cities.